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The following process will be used when a customer places a C&C Order online. All C&C orders are fulfilled by the warehouse until the business can get greater store stock accuracy.

Daily Summary

A daily summary of outstanding C&C orders will be emailed to each store (or as specified by Triumph). The summary email will only include orders requiring action(s) by staff i.e. Status NOT "Collected by Customer". For example, if an order has been collected by the customer, but the store has not clicked the "Collected by customer" link, then it will remain in this list until the order is closed.

New Order Notification


An email is sent (by the C&C system) to notify the store that a New Click & Collect order has been placed. No action needs to be taken by the store at this time.

Admin Area

If the store clicks on any link in the email, the C&C Order Detail page will be displayed. The C&C Order Detail page displays the following information:

  • Order: number, date, product information, pick up store name, Status
  • Customer: Name, Email, Phone and name of person collecting order
  • Actions: a list of actions and statuses

The C&C order status is: "At DC awaiting for dispatch"

You can NOT change/switch orders within the Admin area. A security token only allows that specific order to be displayed.

DC Dispatches Order To Store

Admin Area

Once the DC has sent the order to the store, the Order status will change to "In Transit" and an email is sent to the customer and to the store to notify them.


An email is sent to the customer advising them their order is on the way.

This notification happens when the consignment number is received from SAP. This is NOT when order is picked up by Ninja Van from warehouse.


An email is also sent to the C&C store to notify them the order is on its way.

When the order arrives: Staff will click the "Click here" link in the email to access the order information in the portal

A daily summary email can also be used to view a list of outstanding C&C orders for each store.

Order Arrives at Store AND Is Ready for Collection

When the order arrives in store:

Stores / Admin Area

  1. A store staff member will need to click the "Send Ready to Collect email" link in the Stores Actions List in the top right-hand side of the page.
  2. A confirmation box will be displayed and the "Send Email" button MUST be clicked to send the email to the customer.

Status Changes

The following changes will happen once the [Send ready to collect email] is sent.

  1. [Send ready to collect email] changes to Green and
  2. Status changes to Ready For Collect.
  3. Reminder is set for 3 days in the future


The customer will only receive the Collection email (sample below) when

  • the "Send ready to collect email" link is clicked, AND
  • the "Send Email" button is clicked/confirmed by a staff member in store.

Send Reminder Email to Customer

If the customer has not collected the order from the store 3 days after [Send ready to collect email] is sent, a reminder email is automatically sent to the customer.

Stores / Admin Area

If the customer calls to say they cannot pick up the order until a future date, you can change the reminder date by either:

  • Clicking the [Reminder Date] and choosing another date, or
  • Clicking the [Edit] link next to [Send Reminder].

If the customer still hasn't collected the order after this date, the store can change the reminder date to send a new reminder.


Receives Ready to Collect email when store clicks [Send ready to collect email] link.

Customer Arrives in Store to Collect Order


When a customer comes into store to collect the order,

STAFF ACTION: Click [Print Order For Signature] This will print the order collection page including Order Details and Product line items.

The Order status changes to "Printed Ready For Customer Signature"


The customer will need to:

  • Enter their Full Name which must match the Person Collecting value
  • sign and date the pickup form.
  • Provide identification e.g. drivers license before the order is handed over.

STAFF ACTION: Once signed, the store staff member must fill in the internal Use Only section.

Finalise Order

Store staff MUST finalise Transaction by clicking the "Collected by customer" link


Click the "Collected by Customer" link. A calendar will be displayed and the store staff member MUST select the order collection date to notify Customer Service.

The Order page shows Green links for all Store Actions. The status is green and set to "Collected by customer" including the date of collection.

Customer Service

10:00 am - 5:00 pm SGT

Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays


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