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</br>What You Need to Know About How to Wash & Care for your Bras}

What You Need to Know About How to Wash & Care for your Bras

Posted on January 04, 2023

Bras are a wardrobe investment, and they can be expensive to replace. It makes sense that you should know how to wash your bras and take care of them to help them last. Why is taking care of your bras is so important? Washing bras incorrectly and improper care can damage and significantly reduce their lifespan. By choosing to wash your bras gently and regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite bras for longer. So, where do we get it wrong?


How to wash and care for your bras

Don’t wash your bras too often

Unless you’ve been sweating at the gym or wearing super-strong scents, there’s no need to wash your bra after every wear. Especially if the weather is cold, save your bra the stress of too much washing, which can wear out the elastic and fabric more quickly. Washing bras after two-four wears is best for bra care, allowing a day of rest between wearings if you can.

Read labels

Bras are a delicate clothing item and need your attentive, loving care. For your more expensive, delicate lacy bras, hand washing is preferable. But for more standard everyday or sports bras, a machine wash on a gentle cycle in a bra washbag should do the trick. If in doubt, read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash that particular bra.

Always use bra washbags

Mesh lingerie washbags are your friends for bra washing. The bags help stop bras from stretching and the hooks from snagging on other clothes in the machine. They also provide a sort of barrier between your bras and other garments. Make sure you always close the hooks first, whether there are other items in the washbag or not, to prevent the straps from getting tangled. And never overfill your bra washbags, which stops bras from getting properly cleaned.

Wash your bras separately

Even inside their protective mesh washbags, you should avoid machine-washing bras with particularly heavy items like jeans, jumpers and towels. These garments can damage the underwire or elastic in your bras.

Dry and store your bras carefully

Air dry your bras whenever you can, avoiding the bumps and banging of dryers. Hang your bras by the centre piece between the cups to help them keep their shape. Avoid hanging wet bras by their straps, which can stretch them out. Make sure you store them properly, by lying them flat or hanging on individual hangers. Regardless of how well you care for your bras, they will eventually need replacing over time.

Are your bras showing signs of wear, like saggy straps and out-of-shape cups? Get professionally fitted by the experts and find some new favourites for your lingerie drawer.