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How do you measure your breast/bra size?

Ladies, it is time to whip out the measuring tape and quickly take 2 simple measurements- one over and one under the bust (keep your bra on when doing this!). You can then convert your measurements using our bra size charts. Don't have a measuring tape? For your underbust, simply check what size T-Shirts you are currently wearing and check the cup size of your current bra. This is always a good starting place! We have loads of great fit advice and measuring tips to help you with this process here.

How do you know if a bra fits well?

Knowing what the best fit for a bra should look like can help you pick the right bra - but just how do you know? You should definitely check for the bra's side seam, if it sits too far forward or back, try a different cup size. If your bra is riding up or not sitting flat, try a different size too. Can't quite imagine what that looks like? Check out our bra fitting tips and other guides to help you decide if a bra is right for you.

What to wear when you can't wear bra?

Don't like underwire or thin straps digging into you? Our Triumph bras are designed with everyday comfort in mind, but if you prefer something a little different, you cannot look past our innovative sloggi Zero Feel and Go Allround ranges! Made from super seamless and soft fabrics, these sloggi bras have no underwire and feel so good, you won't want to take them off sloggi bras.

How do you pick the best bra size when shopping online?

If you are shopping online and worrying about how that bra would fit, check out our bra size chart and some tips to take the best bra measurements before you place that order! And yes, we have a bra size calculator for you to try out too! No more guesswork when you are bra-shopping!.

How do you check if your bra cup size is too big or too small?

There are very simple ways to check if a bra is too tight or loose for you - check out our perfect bra fit tips to see how the best-fitting bra should look on yourself!

How do you pick the best bra for a blouse?

Our padded T-Shirt Bras are perfect for wearing under form-fitting blouse and t-shirts for a seamless look. Or try our strapless convertible bras for a functional design that provides good support while offering the flexibility to wear what you want in top comfort.


Find your perfect fit in-store or with our guide.

We believe that every woman deserves to have a perfectly fitting bra.
No digging in. No slipping straps. No leaving marks. Just pure comfort.
Visit one of our expert bra fitters in-store or use our online fitting guide to discover your perfect fit now.