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Sanitary Panties

Say goodbye to worries about period leaks! Our sanitary panties and period underwear are meticulously designed to offer you the utmost protection and comfort during your period.

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Find your perfect fit in-store or with our guide.

We believe that every woman deserves to have a perfectly fitting bra.
No digging in. No slipping straps. No leaving marks. Just pure comfort.
Visit one of our expert bra fitters in-store or use our online fitting guide to discover your perfect fit now.

What Constitutes Sanitary Underwear?

Sanitary underwear, also referred to as period panties, are specifically designed for wear during your menstrual cycle. They feature additional layers of protection to help prevent leaks and ensure added comfort. You can visit our How to Measure Panty Size and Panty Size Charts pages to select the appropriate panty size for you.

How Does a Period Panty Function?

Period panties are crafted with multiple layers to absorb menstrual flow. The top layer draws moisture away, the middle layer soaks up the fluid, and the bottom layer prevents any leaks. They can be used independently or alongside other menstrual products like tampons or pads for extra protection.

Can Sanitary Underwear Entirely Prevent Period Leaks?

While sanitary underwear is designed to be highly absorbent and resistant to leaks, its effectiveness can depend on your flow and the specific brand or style of underwear. For days with heavy flow, you might want to use them in conjunction with another menstrual product for maximum protection.

Can I Wear Sanitary Underwear Throughout the Day?

The duration for which you can wear sanitary underwear depends on your flow and the underwear's absorption capacity. Some can be worn for up to 12 hours on days with light flow, but may need to be changed more often on heavier days.

Is It Safe to Sleep in Period Underwear?

Yes, it's safe to sleep in period underwear. In fact, they can offer extra protection against leaks while you're lying down, providing peace of mind and a more comfortable night's sleep.