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</br>What Is Your Bra-sonality?}

What Is Your Bra-sonality?

Posted on January 24, 2023

Picture this: you walk into a Triumph bra flagship store. The walls are lined with different bra styles as far as the eye can see. Different colours, different bra styles, and different patterns. What captures your eye first? Is it the elegant sateen bra in purple? Or that stylish aqua bra that would turn head on your night out? While we all need different bras throughout our lives, for most of us there’s a bra style we love most. Read on below and see what your bra-sonality says about you. You might even have a few bra-sonalities that come out on different occasions – just like the different bra styles in your wardrobe.

The Confident One

You’re here to look your best at all times, for the world, but also for yourself. You know your strengths and you want to make good use of them in every situation. You’re not going to let your day just happen to you, but are ready to get in the front seat and take control of your life and your body. Despite all this, you still want a type of bra style that gives you the comfort and support to show your confidence.

This bra-sonality will love: Try a bold push-up bra that has both style and shape. Our Aqua Lucky Non-Wired Push Up Bra is made with ultra-light padding and can be matched with Aqua Lucky Mini for a complete look.

Model wears peach coloured lace lingerie setOur model wears the Aqua Lucky lingerie set in Peach Blossom


The Practical One

You’re a focused person who doesn’t sweat the small stuff. You don’t mind what your bra looks like, as long as it gives you all day comfort, support, and confidence. You’re out to hit your goals every day and then wind down in the evening with a little relaxation - and you want a bra that will feel good through every second of it.

This bra-sonality will love: For those with this bra-sonality, there’s nothing better than a T-shirt bra that can provide comfort and support while still shaping a defined and natural bust. Try our sloggi Everyday Padded Bra for a soft, breathable, and every day comfort.

sloggi Everyday Padded BraOur model wears the sloggi Everyday Padded Bra


The Romantic One

You love everything you own to be beautiful and decorative, and that includes your bras. You have a sophisticated approach to life, and think what you wear reflects an important part of who you are. You believe nothing should be boring. Your choice in lingerie is elegant and tasteful, but you also know how to add a hint of flirty style when the occasion is right.

This bra-sonality will love: For this bra-sonality, it’s all about intricate lace and elegant designs. You will love our Sateen Wired Padded Bra for a sophisticated and comfortable everyday option – and yes, it does come in vanille and purple. 

Sateen Wired Padded BraOur model wears theSateen Wired Padded lingerie set in vanille


Your bra is a unique chance to express your personality, and to enjoy the comfort and support you need to feel good every day. While it’s great to find a bra you love, it can also be fun to branch out into different bra styles to shake up your wardrobe. You might just find a new favourite! No matter your bra-sonality it’s important to get the right fit – check out our bra fitting advice, or book an online bra fitting.